In honour of Jordana’s love of Manitou, her spirit, her compassion, her sportsmanship and her love of people, we wanted to continue her memory in the hearts of Manitou campers and staff. This award, is not to be taken lightly and is only given to one or two campers each summer who demonstrate a special and unique character that has culminated in a spirit and sportsmanship that is unparalleled in camping. The recipient of this award is someone who has touched the lives of many other Manitou campers and staff. This recipient has demonstrated to the camp an unselfish love, as well as a sensitive and caring attitude throughout their entire summer at Manitou. This award is given to someone whose dynamic and infectious personality is the envy of us all.

Congratulations to the 2019 Jordana Lokash Award Winners

Ruby Plume & Mikey Baker

Previous Years’ Winners:

Winners 2018: Zoe Brown & Ryan Jacoby

Winners 2017: Lexi Gottlieb & Henry Freedlander

Winners 2016: Matt Rabinovitch & Victoria Valentine

Winners 2015: Cooper Levy & Lisa Fireman

Winners 2014: Miranda Wiseman & Sam Rabinovitch

Winners 2013: Jamie Sarick-Whiteside & Gaby Sheiner

Winners 2012: Daniel Wexler & Sofie Kreidstein

Winners 2011: Lizzie Moscoe & Harry Worb

Winners 2010: Sophie Sklar & Jonathan Grammer

Winners 2009: Arielle Strasser & Kieran Bracken

Winners 2008: Jack Lipson & Meagan Binder

Winners 2007: Jordan Lerner & Julie Foster

Winners 2006: Ben Mayer-Goodman & Vanessa Shier

Winners 2005: Ben Cowley & Lisa and Tracy Einstein

Winners 2004: Jason Freder & Ali Persiko

Winners 2003: Steffi Decker & Guillaume Brunet

Winners 2002: Shari Eisen & Josh Stern

Winners 2001: Mara Silver & Lanny Foster

Winners 2000: Jaime Eisen & Mark Masters